10620 Guilford Road
Suite 222
Jessup, MD 20794

Store Hours:

Monday & Tuesday
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Thursday & Friday
10:00am - 5:00pm


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Unique Journeys Returning to Oneness

Imagine a road where you open your eyes to Infinity, and through this vision you see yourself as whole, healed, and luminous energy of the Divine. Inspired Journeys presents a safe haven (or sacred space) to open your heart with others, to expand your knowledge through a variety of healing tools and modalities, and to assist you in finding your joy, accepting your truth, and realizing freedom in your ascension process.

Whether you are in search of answers or are called to help those seeking them, you will find Inspired Journeys fosters a growing community of individuals seeking to evolve together. Students of spiritual inspiration will find Inspired Journeys offers many exciting choices for private and group services in spiritual development, holistic healing, wellness, and conscious community — many at no charge to you. Our resident practitioners offer a myriad of services and we invite you to explore their vast treasure box of gifts. We also host nationally recognized authors, speakers, and mediums, and we bring local and regional practitioners together to help you along your unique path.


Happy Spring!

February Schedule

Inspired Journeys will be closing for February and will revisit opening again in March.

The Inspired Ghost Trackers Group and Bill Bean Ministry will continue to meet regularly as scheduled. The dates will be on our events calendar, although the store will not be available during this time we do wish to continue to offer space for these groups to continue their service during February.

Our practitioners Dr. Gwen and Victoria Rios-Furlow continue to be available to serve you as well during February, although not at Inspired Journeys in Jessup. We will pass along requests to them directly. It is preferable if you send email requesting their services to info@inspiredjourneys.com or events@inspiredjourneys.com or you may leave a message on our phone at 301-776-4009, but please note we will only be checking messages once a week and our response time will not be immediate.